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Buy Back Scheme


Have your kids grown out of their favourite pieces of vintage clothing?

Do you have cupboards overflowing with old clothes?

Wanting to make a bit of money from your outgrown vintage or save some money off updating your kids wardrobe for their current size?


Then why don’t you consider using our EE-cycle scheme to return your outgrown vintage to us ready to be passed on to new little ones and give it a new lease of life.


We will accept vintage of good quality and condition in keeping with our style – it does not have to be bought from our store but must be true vintage and re-sellable condition. If they need small repairs or a freshen up we are happy to do this at our end; ie; spare button, replacement dungaree fastener, please let us know if these things are needed and we can discuss. We will launder all items that come back tom us as we do with our regular stock.


We particularly love to stock classic timeless brands such as Levi’s, Oshkosh, Carhartt, Laura Ashley and Guess – However we are open to all vintage items. We stock mainly 0-10 years. We will review items and if they do not meet our resell criteria we may be unable to accept them.


We will review items and you’ll have an option of either cash payment (via Paypal) or store credit for our website

  • Cash (via Paypal) will be offered at 30% of the resell quote

  • Store Credit will be offered at 45% of the resell quote


For example, you may buy a pair of Oshkosh Dungarees from us for £24 and you own them for 12 months, then return them to us and we will likely have a similar resell value of around £22 (due to slightly more wear), you could receive £6.60 cash or a store credit for £9.90 towards a new pair of dungarees in the bigger size.

If you have multiple items to sell the value soon adds up and for very special pieces, we may offer a higher percentage so please still get in touch, drop us an email to discuss.




How to use our EE-cycle scheme:


  1. Have a rummage at home and pull out any outgrown or unworn vintage children’s items

  2. Take some photographs, simply a front and a back picture will suffice unless there is any specific damage or details then please take additional pictures.

  3. Email your pictures and details to: , with “EE-Cycle” as the subject.

  4. Once we receive your email please allow up to 7 working days for a response (this will usually be much quicker but we must allow this time during busy periods) – we will let you know if your item is accepted for the scheme, we will then send you details to post item(s) to us.

  5. Once we receive your item(s) we will review them and check for flaws etc, if we are happy with them we will e-mail you a quote. You can then choose whether you wish to have Cash (via Paypal) 30% of the resell quote or store credit 45% or the resell quote

  6. Once you’ve accepted the quote and confirmed your choice of cash/store credit we will process this within 3 working days.

  7. We will then process items and list them on our website so they can have a new lease of life!!

  8. If you do not accept the quote and we will return the item(s) to you at your cost

Did you know..... you can also send in your vintage pieces to be fixed up by us for a small charge!!

Fixing up clothes has always been a thing for me, growing up my mum/grandma would always fix things rather than throw them away! Which helped me learn to sew from a young age even now my friends come to visit me with a bag of bits that need new buttons or holes fixing.

Well now I’m offering that service to you too, to make your vintage pieces last as long as possible!

Whether it’s a broken dungaree strap, or a small hole, button replacement or even an altered hemline you need sorting then get in touch!

Also happy to discuss ideas of how you can rework things, for example adding patches or dying things another colour to hide marks (we love doing this) 

If you purchase some dungarees for example and they get a good bit of wear and a clasp gets loose/broken just get in touch and we will sort it out for you.

There will be a small fee for these fixes but very minimal just to cover the cost of resources and postage. I do not aim to earn anything from this I simply wish to extend the life of your clothes. If it’s a slightly bigger job we will discuss at the time what fees will be!

So dig out anything you have that you’ve chucked in the back of the wardrobe broken and get in touch!! All you need to do is drop us a message on Instagram or email and send a pic of the item, we can then discuss what needs to be done!


We can also guide you to do simple fixes yourself to help you DIY it 😊

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