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E&E Kids Vintage Marketplace

One of the main reasons we started E&E in the first place was because we were realising how little wear children get out of clothes at each stage of their life (they grow so damn quick). We have always been huge fans of buying second hand, whether that be vintage, charity shops or hand me downs this has always been our way. Our favourite clothes as kids were always handed down from our cousins or older friends and then we passed them on again to our younger cousins. So we though what could we do to try and reduce our carbon footprint and that of our children whilst still having well dressed unique kids: then it was clear and E&E Kids Vintage was born.
However we have become increasingly aware there is more we can all do, in recent years with the rise of 'fast fashion' the way we knew growing up with re-using items until they're threadbare has somewhat been lost as we all want the latest trend. Often people have the attitude that second hand clothes are smelly, dirty and a sign of poverty! this is not true. Charity shops have many items still with tags on or worn once, some high street shops even donate clothing now. In fact shopping at vintage shops, charity shops, Face book marketplace, eBay etc actually provides more insight into the life of that product, it may have a rich history, it may already be worn in so you can see how it's going to last (eg: denim jackets) and finally the excitement of finding an amazing garment, especially if it's a one off retro piece you snap up in a vintage shop or a perfect kids jacket for £3 in the charity shop and we all have to love the thrill of an eBay bidding war!!!
At E&E Kids Vintage we pride ourselves on sourcing good quality vintage items, mainly cotton/denim/cord, good strong fabrics that wear and wear, they are made to last!! As fashion seems to always go back to these basics, (I mean have denim jackets/dungarees ever been out of fashion?) why buy new when there is items out there already made and waiting for a new home, often cheaper and better quality too. Obviously we aren't saying every item in your child's wardrobe needs to be vintage or pre-loved but even just a few key items  goes a long way to changing the attitude towards the fast fashion culture your child will grow up with. 
Recently there has been a lot in the media about the damage the fashion industry is doing to the environment - It's utterly shocking!!! Tonnes and tonnes of fashion waste each year going to landfill, as well as the pollution, water consumption and working conditions!! (We won't go into too much detail here but Stacey Dooley did a documentary which is worth watching). Buying used clothing cuts down on manufacturing demands and keeps more items out of the landfill! Because a large amount of man-made goods are routinely thrown away, re-using gives a longer life to items of clothing that another family could use and cherish, saving the Earth in effect.
So we have had a think about what more we can do to help, and we have come up with 'E&E MARKETPLACE' where you can re-sell/swap your vintage items purchased from E&E once your child has grown out of them on to another family. Because shopping is such an essential part of our consumer-driven economy, indulging in buying vintage is a way to beneficially promote the economy, save the environment, and still satisfy your craving for amazing unique clothes and shoes. Therefore E&E marketplace will be ensuring that garment continues its happy little life and is passed on and loved by another family. There will be no financial gain for us we are purely volunteering a platform, a one stop swap shop if you like!! as we know so many people struggle to part with vintage items and want them to go to a good home but don't quite know the best way to sell them on. We love our little E&E community so much so and we would love to see items passed on between you!!
The way the market place will work is :

Purchase Vintage Item from E&E

Wear and Love Vintage Item

Grow Out of Vintage Item (PANIC)

Add Vintage Item to E&E Marketplace

How to add an item to Market Place:

Initially we will hold 'Market place nights' once a month (near payday) where we will post a selection of your items on our Instagram to our customers - (If there is a good uptake on this and we have lots of you wanting to be involved we will likely make this more frequent) 

We are aiming to list good condition, vintage items in a clean and wearable state, we may not be able to feature all items however we will do our best!

Email us: 

- Put "marketplace" as the email subject

- In the body of the email include a picture (or a few) of the item

- Size of the item

- Price you are looking for including postage (if you need advice with pricing just note that and we can help you)

- Your Paypal email address you want payment making to

We will then reply to you (may not be straight away) to discuss with you and let you know if your item meets the criteria and inform you the date your item will be listed on the marketplace

If you have any queries at all please contact us via e-mail we are here to help!!

Hope you love this idea, so sorry if you've read this whole page and thought "nah not my thing"

Lots of love x       x

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